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3DMAG™ Hall-effect magnetic position sensor IC

A31315: 3DMAG Hall-Effect Sensor for Rotary and Linear Position Measurement

The A31315 is a robust, fully integrated 3DMAG™ Hall-effect magnetic position sensor IC designed to support a wide range of non-contact rotary and linear position measurement in the automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

This family of sensors integrates vertical and planar Hall-effect elements to detect two out of three magnetic field components (X,Y and Z). Using configurable signal processing, linearization and angle calculation allows the A31315 to accurately resolve the absolute rotary (full 360° and short-stroke <360°) or linear position of a moving magnetic target.

The A31315 features ratiometric analog, PWM, or SENT (SAE J2716) interface options to output the angle between the two factory-selected axes or the field from a single axis. In addition, the SENT interface provides the option to output the field measurement from both channels.

Developed in accordance with ISO 26262 and qualified per AEC-Q100 grade 0, this sensor is suitable for the most demanding safety automotive systems including transmission and powertrain actuators, pedal position, brake cylinder position, gear shifters and electronic throttles. In harsh conditions where others fail, the A31315 thrives.

The A31315 is available as a single die in the SOIC-8 package and stacked dual die in the TSSOP-14 package for applications that require full redundancy.

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  •  Typical Applications

  •  Automotive
  • •  Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) - Steering angle sensor - Braking systems
  • •  Battery thermal management for electric vehicles
  • •  Conventional powertrain systems - Throttle and valve position - Transmission and variable valve actuator sensors Safety, comfort, and convenience - Pedal (accelerator, brake, clutch) - Shifter (PRNDL) position - Steering column controls and human machine interfaces

  •  Industrial
  • •  Robotics and industrial cranes
  • •  Joysticks and valve positioning
  • •  Agricultural equipment
  • •  Recreational vehicles and 2-wheelers
  • •  Home and building automation

  •  Consumer and Commercial
  • •  Gaming and virtual reality controllers
  • •  Camera gimbals
  • •  Robotics
  • •  Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Features and Benefits

  • •  3D Hall-effect magnetic sensor for absolute rotary and linear position sensing applications
  • •  On-chip angle calculation with configurable signal path and flexibility linearization enables customers to achieve the most stringent accuracy requirements while minimizing end of line programming time
  • •  Piecewise-linear and binning modes
  • •  Up to 33-point fixed position
  • •  Up to 22-point programmable positions
  • •  Supports SENT (SAE J2716), PWM, and Ratiometric Analog output interface options
  • •  Developed in accordance with ISO 26262 as a hardware safety element out of context (SEooC) with single die ASIL B and dual die ASIL D capability (pending assessment)
  • •  AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified supports operation in harsh conditions, required for automotive and industrial applications

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Additional Notes

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App Note: How to Determine and Remove Systematic Channel Errors using 3D Linear Angle Sensors
App Note: Short-Stroke Rotary Application of the A31315
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Video: Allegro’s 3DMAG Sensor Technology Introduction

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