VishayTNPW06031K13BEENWiderstand, fest, Oberflächenmontage, einzeln

Res Thin Film 0603 1.13K Ohm 0.1% 0.1W(1/10W) ±25ppm/°C Sulfur Resistant Pad SMD T/R Automotive AEC-Q200 Medical

The TNPW06031K13BEEN fixed single surface-mount resistor from Vishay makes it easy to add resistors to your circuit board. This product has a resistance value of 1.13K Ohm. This dependable part has a power rating of 0.1 (1/10) W. Its temperature coefficient is ±25 ppm/°C. Tape and reel packaging will encase this product during shipment, in order to ensure safe delivery and enable quick mounting of components. This device utilizes thin film technology. This product is 1.6 mm long, 0.45 mm tall and 0.85 mm deep. This part has an operating temperature of -55 to 125 °C.

A datasheet is only available for this product at this time.

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