SamtecTSW-104-10-G-D-RASteckverbinderleisten und Leiterplattenbuchsen

Conn Unshrouded Header HDR 8 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Side Entry Thru-Hole Bulk

As an added safety precaution, the unshrouded TSW-104-10-G-D-RA header connector from Samtec will prevent and protect components on your circuit board from accidentally touching each other. This HDR connector's 8 contacts that are made out of phosphor bronze and plated with gold over nickel. It has a maximum voltage rating of 450 VAC. It has a right angle body orientation. It has a header type gender. This is a 2-row connector. Its pitch is 2.54 mm. This device has a maximum current rating of 6.3 A/contact. This product comes packaged in bulk, so the parts will be stored loosely. This connector has an operating temperature of -55 to 125 °C. This product is 10.16 mm long, 5.56 mm tall and 12.44 mm deep. TSW-104-10-G-D-RA is housed in black polyester. It uses the solder termination method.

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