KEMET CorporationUSEQGCDAN8L100Luftreinheitssensor

Air Quality Sensor Nitric Oxide 3.3V/5V 4-Pin TO-39 Tube


KEMET’s lineup of environmental sensors detect the condition of the environment and can be used to alert safety monitoring systems of changes in conditions. These sensors are based on the pyroelectric effect that make them lower in power consumption than traditional silicon-based sensors. Similar to how the piezoelectric effect converts mechanical energy to electrical energy when a crystalline lattice is disturbed, the pyroelectric is a crystalline lattice that converts blackbody thermal energy to electrical energy. These sensors are available in both digital and analog interfaces and address various requirements of detecting or monitoring applications.


Typical applications include the sensing of a number of gases as well as food, motion, and flames.

A datasheet is only available for this product at this time.

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