VishayPR02000201208JA100Widerstand, fest, Einzeldurchsteckloch

Res Metal Film 1.2 Ohm 5% 2W ±250ppm/°C Conformal Coated AXL Automotive AEC-Q200 Ammo

The PR02000201208JA100 fixed single through-hole resistor, developed by Vishay, can offer you a more traditional mounting method for resistors in your circuit. This product has a resistance value of 1.2 Ohm. This part has a power rating of 2 W. Its temperature coefficient is ±250 ppm/°C. This device is made with metal film technology. It has a tolerance of 5%. This part has an operating temperature of -55 to 155 °C. The PR02000201208JA100 part has an axial termination style. This product is 12 mm long.

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